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A person realizes their mistakes when they are left alone with nothing.-adhvaryuWONDER’S

There’s a time when you have everything, with the things you want, with the things you never knew but you got them unexpectedly. And after a period of time, there is something that makes you comfortable with that unexpected thing that you got. Now you don't know what and why you accepted that but you are flowing in a way in which you are being tried to flow with them. You might have some bad effects from that in the near future but during this, you don't care about it, you are just vibing out. And there’s Another person who loves to connect with you, who always appreciates you for the good things that happened, Who always tried to make you happy first, and then he might forget to get happy for himself too but he always tries to make you feel happy & cool. But over a period of time, you are not still being surprised by the person who is always behind you for everything, you don't have realized them. Still, you are happy with an unexpected person who might share some good things, might do some good jokes, etc… but they are never gonna be compared with the person who is really trying to keep you cheerful, who is always joyful with you while having conversations, but still you never. The person who lost his self-respect just for you and for no other one, Then have a simple understanding that you are losing a Gem, or might you have Lost that Precious Gem that you had but you never felt to at least look for that Precious Cared Gem. And at this end, you are All Alone with your feelings but without a great-hearted person. Have a HAPPY REALIZATION now or never.

-Created and written by adhvaryuWONDER’S.

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