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Be an “ISOLATEDSHAKE” rather than a *MIX SHAKE*.-(adhvaryuWONDERs)

Ik, it is weird that I am comparing human life from an example of a Mixshake, but if we see then most of us usually live specifically like a “Mixshake” where we all get to mix up with the traumas that generally we think of the people from which they are suffering from and we usually act as per the solution of their traumatic problems which is not a good thing a particular person or a good human should think about, Instead of that we should be an “ISOLATEDSHAKE” where when we get such traumas which disturb our mind & life too then we should be ready for finding the solutions for that particular problem by just thinking personally for our traumas problems and I think that would be helpful to you somewhere in your life and if its gonna be helpful then just remember that You are the only who have come out from this problems but only if you were the sole driver for getting out from the problems.

So, I hope “adhvaryuWONDER’S” actually helped you and tried to give some small suggestions tour problems, have a good life guys.
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