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Deal with failures: There is learning in every step- Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

“FAILURE” is inevitable to us, It always gives a bad kick for a good stand, isn't it? What we do is,we have never welcomed failure in our life we always just want to be standing far away from it, and I know one thing my parents had always thought me that “Jise jitna dur bhagoge utni hi wo chiz tumhare paas aayegi” and I felt this when I was in growing years ( in my earlies), I had a lot of setbacks and due to that I had gone through a lot of troubles and during that growing period of my being a teenager it was tough to get understand also that what is going on with me in my life, but as I continued my life, I made myself understood that I have to be strong enough to face the failures of my life and I have to find the learnings from that particular part of failure and if I don't do that then I would be in a trouble in my upcoming days or in upcoming years so to avoid those setbacks I have been always learning from my failures and I have been always giving respect to my failures, cause they thought me how to be strong enough in this so called precaure world. And I hope, you people also must be having some or other circumstances in your life, so I just want you guys to tell about your failures of life in my “comment box”, hope to find learning from failures of your life story.

created & written by adhvaryuWONDER’S.

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