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Everything starts with ZERO.-adhvaryuWONDER’S.

You might be thinking, Why did I choose such a weird topic?. But just for the thing, have you ever thought about why everything starts with a Zero. You might never have, right?. But I believe that Sir. Aryabhata might have thought about several things as per his observations, But what I understand from my life lesson is that It’s about starting from having nothing and ending up with having nothing. Isn’t it?. And let me make try to elaborate my explanation on, Why and what is the importance of the numerical digit Zero?. The simple thing I believe is that Zerohelps us understand that we can use math to think about things that have no counterpart in a physical lived experience. Just as it also defines the part about being infinite, infinite in terms of Living a life, Enjoying the moments of your life infinitely that can touch up your happiness and can turn up your small amount of happiness into infinity. In the real world, If it’s about starting with zero then it means, The day you were born and the day you are gonna die will be the day you will be completing the circle of your life, It just rotates just like your Life cycle but it stops at a moment where your zero completes and the things end up over there. So it’s important to notice that, what amount of zero you are remaining with and what amount of zero you have left.

-Created & written by adhvaryuWONDER’S.

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