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Failure Is Inevitable. -Shweta Punj

“When you want to be a pioneer, to do what others haven’t, to create what most can only talk about, and to see an opportunity where others see obstacles then failure is inevitable .“

From the above quote which I have read a few days back & I got thinking that we usually believe that failure in our life is Inevitable, and I accept that thing because we all have some or other personal failures in our life and sometimes we are late to realize that and which makes us depressed about the thing and at someplace while facing the levels of Failures we also forget to open up with new opportunities' which are looking/waiting to come us and accept that and get a different pathway through that opportunity but we just ignore it by ourself because we just remembered that “WHAT IF FAILURES COMES AGAIN INTO MY LIFE?” -*adhvaryuWONDER’S*

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