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Honesty always chooses as per the capabilities.-adhvaryuWONDER’S

This thought process has got stuck with me for the last few days and I was blank with thinking of the title for this blogpost and finally with the help of some views I just got to frame the sentence for my blog post.

So let me explain to you the whole thought process, Well in our whole life we as a human always has a chance to choose something that needs Honesty & Capabilities for choosing something for which we have been authorized and we basically just forget the things to be honest with ourselves and we also just forget to choose the person as per the capabilities, you know what we do? we just choose the fav person for the position for which we have to authorized and at that place, we are not honest with ourselves and we just choose them who are especially close to us, and which is incorrect instead of that we should choose the person who has good capabilities for the particular situation/position to handle the whole things. well by choosing the favorite person for things, we are just creating differences between the person who is capable of the position and who is not, and if you just want to be a perfect person for which you have been authorized then “BE HONEST”.
This thought has been created & written by adhvaryuWONDER’S.
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