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It’s a condition of all of us that we should get Happiness from our close ones only not from others.

( The above Sentence is been translated from Gujarati to English). and the thought is been taken by Kajal oza.

It’s not important that we will get happiness from our close ones only and it's also not important that they could even satisfy us in terms of our life where we want them. If you feel that eating your bread can make you happy then be happy with that only. There are a lot of people who are dimped about showing their social life, about showing their expressions, showing their etiquette's instead showing these things, we should actually be like introverts into these things. Creating Self-happiness in ourselves is something great thing that all humans should actually accept and try to be happy with being a single person, Because you don't know who will last long for you and till what time, So its better to try yourself single and try to travel a solo trip so it could even help you out with meeting to the new people and gather some good knowledge from them so it could help in your life.

-Explanation Written by adhvaryuWONDER’S.

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