It’s okay if things are not going as planned.

We usually all deal with the problem of failing with the plans which we have planned for particular things or either for our life but it usually takes time or either it fails out into our life and which makes us low about making or forming the strategy for our life and while we form plans for the betterment of life we just forget to add one formula in our life i.e (Future plan=Hoping the things + obstacles ) and I think the formula fits actually into the life of humans who usually just have such breakup-plans where “Hoping the things” means that we just hope for the things rather than working on them and that’s the thing which usually hurt's most the people in the near future and what about obstacles? haha, it never goes from human life it always occurs at a time when you just feel the perfect time for executing your plans but then “OBSTACLES” occur. So I think one should always remember the one formula and accordingly to that only you should formulate your plans. adhvaryuWONDER’S

*written & created bt adhvaryuWONDER’S.*

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