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Just because you are slow doesn’t mean you are a failure-adhvaryuWONDER’S

I have seen many people pointing at their kids or pointing at their past situations for the reason of failure just because they thought they were slow at studies, just because they think the world is at par speed but they are not enough to compete with them, Just because they have been thinking that for the proper competition you need to be a good exam roller with good grades. But did they ever notice how they were not consistent regarding their work, Have they ever thought that, were they doing some extracurricular activities besides their studies and vibing in with friends? I think they never, so how you are able to blame your past for being slow. See there is the only thing that can make you an expert in your own work is being consistent with your daily work, whether it’s your office routine, or your Body fits routine, and so on. Remember one thing make sure that you are consistent enough to take it to an incredible ending. And I would also advise the new upcoming generation of the world that start your journey with the thinking of ending the day or your year with incredible ends, where you have been consistent and loyal to your work and consistent about being yourself too.

-created and written by adhvaryuWONDER’S

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