Keeping Positive thoughts for everyone and learn Positive from everyone.-adhvaryuWONDERS

See the matter of being keeping yourself Positive and keeping Thought of being positive to them is a different kind of perspective. You can try to make yourself positive by just handling your problems and forgetting about the things you had been gone through and I think it’s somewhere easy but yes Keeping positiveness for the people who you know and the one who you don't know personally but as on starmetic scenes, It’s somewhere hard to bring positive thoughts for the people who you just know by the virtual mode because if anywhere you listen about there bad things or something about that makes you uncomfortable, we always remember that particular thing only whenever we listen about them so its very hard to forgive that things about them and atleast we should learn some good lesson and get inspired from their life experiences and welcomes yourself with new things from there experiences of life. So I think it's very hard to tell something wrong about the people but it's much hard to tell Good things about the people, and it also happens to yourself also, When someone at a particular time asks you to tell about your Good and Bad habits/things, at that time we are not able to tell to them, isn’t it right ?. If it’s not then try once with yourself, ask yourself what are Good and Bad things about you.

-Created & Written by adhvaryuWONDER’S

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