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Life is not the same for everyone -adhvaryuWONDER’S.

Let me start with an excellent example of how “life is not the same for everyone”, A guitar has Six strings and every string has a different kind of sound, now which also depends on the thickness of the lines which produces variance of music based on musical notes. So following this series of guitars, I would like to introduce the stages of life based on the guitar. How it can be different for every individual because as per the circumstances, life doesn’t treat everyone as same it serves other human beings in the open nature of the sky. As the guitar has Six strings on them (Acoustic ), similarly, every individual deal with and faces various stages of affairs in life, now let’s understand that the 6th string of the guitar might play or generate music in more with a thickness of sound and with more base, so by observing this, what we can learn is that your day-to-day activity, your regular tiny mind may have this base or thickness in your day where you will be getting into stressed regarding your pressurized boss, just because of your family spending time but what you don’t have is yourself to make understand about this and I think you need to deal with this thick layer of your life and tackle it. The second string is about how hard work you perform and how smartly you deal with that, whereas the 5th string needs to tune with ‘A’, just because from this, a person can improve himself and their surroundings just by tuning with another person who has a different skill set and can be a good type of extrovert, being with the others. Now talking about the 4th string, it’s about how majorly you focus on yourself and don’t give a chance to give up from it because learning to give up things can be a very bad habit for you, and it can make you more dependable on the basis how much you expect from that efforts. Now the 3rd string, 2nd string, & last but not least 1st string, these three strings have a common generation of sound, and it generates a piece of soft melodious music where your life can be melodious but you don’t pick the opportunity on the level of what you are capable of, missing the opportunity makes you feel like a dumb and a foolish person over some time. So from these observations, Life is a diplomatic type of planning where you need to plan your stages what stages you want to go through, and what decisions you need to step out to make It better & best for yourself.

— Created & Written by adhvaryuWONDER’S.

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