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Life is to live happy -adhvaryuWONDER'S.

How do you define your life?

 — Life in my view is something where you can make your moment of scenarios into a simple form by understanding the values by adding happiness to life.

The simple thing we don’t get to understand is, It’s okay to have a sad & curt part in life because there should be a balance in life, and related to it we can’t deny the situations. And I have seen people, who are never satisfied with what they have and want to run and live more luxurious, but what life is- to study or work in the field that you like, have proper meals to be healthy, have a family to return to and spend time with your loved ones. We often do run behind living a luxurious life. Being confirmed in your life to yourself is also one of the main aspects of life, because if you are not true to your inner self then you can’t be true to others, for being true you just have to accept the truthness of society. Well, I am not defining a typical society's values, I here mean to explain the truth about the true aspects of society. At a point, it’s also important not to be the running bull behind living a luxurious life. Live a simple and compatible life with including some simplicity in life. So be just simple with good values in your inner self.

 — Created & written by adhvaryuWONDER’S.

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