Life is what you make it-adhvaryuWONDER’S

Life starts with you and it ends with you. Now it depends on you how you walk with it, It’s not like, Life is started from X person and then it has been transferred to you in the between, The day you were born was the day from when you started to Live your life. But the main living of your life starts when you get yourself as a matured person but not in front of others but just for you and instead of that at least you can have understanding for yourself too that ‘who I am and for what I am. The day when you started to understand the little concepts right from your schooling days and some parts from your parents too, it needs to include those life parts teachings to get into yourself and start at least from one of them. By using the Quote “Life is what you make it”, Where I mean just to explain that It’s we who are going to handle the good deeds and also the Bad deeds at the end, there might be no one with you nor your best friends too, So it is totally dependable on you, What decisions you take and apply it into your life Because at the end you can’t Blame anyone for any events that you had experienced Especially for the Bad one Because for all Good events You will be surrounded by the people but It’s really the talk of looks, that who stands with you over your Hazital periods. So Choose wisely and Play wisely with your life.

— created and written by adhvaryuWONDER’S.

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