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It all starts with a dream, Mumbai is a place known for dreams, Where people come to decide their future, Where people try to set their goals their wishes, to fulfill their needs. It is India's largest city, The city which never has been slept and will never sleep. Where you can find the perfect blends of cultures, customs, and Lifestyles. Mumbai is a place where I think you can reach out at any location by means of transportation. Mumbai has been known for its ‘Mumbai Local Train’, And It is the lifeline of the citywith almost all of the city’s inhabitants relying on them to get to work or other destinations at some point in time. Mumbai creates an opportunity for the people as it gives shelter to many people. Here everyone comes with the desire to become something but it doesn't work out for all, There are always two sides to the coin, There are advantages as well as disadvantages also. It may give a stand to your personality but it may drop you down the next day. But the biggest disadvantage is ‘Stress working’. Traveling the whole day, working the whole day end’s up your day with no activities And as it becomes too difficult to manage your personal life and professional life also. Managing both things at the same time might not be possible for some of them but some might come over it. And while balancing all these things people not just get tired Physically but Mentally too. This mental tiredness, Stress is something that leads to a lot of things. To cope with it, people have resorted to many Ill habits like smoking, drinking, and other vices and which leads to taking them on the Wrong track in their life. That’s why it has been told that ‘Mumbai is a Mayanagri’. Just need to understand things in a simplified way with simple living.

— Written and created by adhvaryuWONDER’S.

Special thanks to Khushi Desai.

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