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Memories bring back, memories bring back you-Memories lyrics

I know everyone presents over here is aware of these lyrics, But today I am here about the facts that made me think about the memories that we all have with us and within our surroundings. We all might be thinking about our past memories that we had with our friends, family, and some random friends and people too. we might have been gone through our childhood memories too, The fun we had in our childhood and the fun we had in our teenage age. And the same thing happened to me 2 days before, I was randomly having some conversations with my parents so in between the talks suddenly mom started telling me about her memories, how she used to play with her friends and how she used to travel like everything she told me and the same thing about my dad too. And what I realized is that listening to someone talk and we can at least try to include some good learnings from their memories and if the conversations are funny one then we can try to include some good things which can actually help us over this period of time or maybe later. And as memories always bring you back with something and I think memories come back at the time when we are mostly bored or alone, or else when we are with our best time of friends. So Toast to the ones here today, Toast to the ones that we lost on the way. we must be happy with our memories rather than being feeling sad about the things we had in our past, we should continue further and continue to live our life.

-Created by & Written by adhvaryuWONDERS.

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