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Normality about, you being with yourself and to your family.-adhvaryuWONDER’S

My today's blog is totally based on my today's observation which I saw and felt something that got me here to write upon it,

As being a normal person, As being a normal human in the world it’s difficult to live with the pains of the world and the hard work we as a human do for our living and the important thing is that we as a human not only perform tasks on the base of salary or for the salary, We are here actually to bring the happiness for our Family rather than bring the happiness for ourselves, The run I saw among the people in the early morning made me felt that we just get out from our home for bringing something for our family and convert there wishes into their life experiences, Here I am not being biased among the Men & Women , Because I think that they both bring equal contribution at the house at the end of the day, If a man brings a salary then Women is the one who holds the house or she also works among some good corporates where she stands equal among his husband, So me being a student understand the contribution of both of them. Between these things we always to live our Normalities rather then on the day of Sunday, where we should actually understand that we should actually perform Normally and calmly which would make our day special for us only, Why I am telling to live with Normalities because if we are constantly focused on our work then we just sometimes forget that, We have a family where a Men/Women contributes something to the family members And by remembering these things We should actually react and perform for that moment, I see a lot of vendors selling essentials foods and sometimes the person who comes to you for selling electronic things while you are traveling into train/Car/Buses, They are also the one who works and who actually tries to sell at least one or two product a day which can actually help them to leave their life of happiness too, JUST AS WE LIVE. So ending it here and hoping that you have been understood, what I actually meant by telling you about “Normality about, you being with yourself and to your family”.

-Created & Written by adhvaryuWONDER’S.

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