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Sometimes all you need is someone, who can understand your unsaid words. -adhvaryuWONDER’S

(Third person sayings)……..

Yes, sometimes. Because I feel like to have someone beside me who is actually and already known to me, just not for sharing the saddest things with them but to ask, to feel, to share the commonalities between us, and to listen to the uncommonalities between us, because I have shaped myself in that way where I just a need a person who always understands me better than me and better than my brains and hearts. Yes, I cry for the moments just because I have spent my time with them because it was always a love and affection from them towards my feelings and my sharing and caring. Becoming mistake-free is not enough without having that one person who always understands my unsaid words without spelling them in front of them. I need them as if they are the chewing gum of my life. The one who tries to understand you, rather than thinking about themselves and caring about you is the one who will always be willing to understand your unsaid words. Expressing and having that person in front of you at a right time is something great you should believe in during the moments of your spending. Not everyone gets this opportunity to have that person in life, and not everyone can be so lucky to find but yes, one can try to find their seniority for themselves and it needs to be truly worthy with the feelings from the bottom of the heart.

— Created & Written by adhvaryuWONDER’S

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