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Sometimes it isn’t easy to share your words with others. — adhvaryuWONDER’S

Heyy scoffs, I hope everyone wants to express their feelings and their words in front of that one person who understands them better and acknowledges their feelings and expressions. But it’s not important that every time we can express such things because somewhere deep in our hearts we all have that one space where we talk about. being “us”, isn’t it? I also understand that sharing your things, and your problems with that person can heal you and your mood, but it’s not always the same mood they might swing in the other paths maybe towards different moods a . Because I paths call this theory I“theory”, Which indicates and describes that, some micro words, some micro little things can also become a much macro part of our life during micro spacingonversations and by having that spacing for the words, it needs to be a perspectfully correct for the other person and should be acknowledged by yourself. There always comes a time respectfully when an individual has to burst out that small spacing theory technique out of their heart because everything has a certain limit to specific lines. Sometimes we are specifically stopped by barriers of order especially when an individual has certain special words/feelings for another individual I call it a love for each other but somewhere both are being stopped either or they become most extrovert to each other, which is a good vibing theory among them. It starts with the Hello and ends with a Byee. But needs to observe the part of communication. What we don’t do is, we don't observe the part of communication sometimes but it’s also an important aspect of wording the feelings. I hope this explanation may help understand the importance of words and feelings.

— Created & Written by adhvaryuWONDERS.

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