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The point of Regression is where you realize that you never respected someone's feelings.-


I think there is always a phase in your life where someone is too affectionate with you relating about your things, about your feeling, about your everything that relates with you is always have been related to them also. They might doesn't care about themselves but they might have been caring about the person who is with them, where at the start they take a stand for each other and both are good enough for each other but over the period, one of them gets to start to understand that he/she is getting much closer to him/her, so he/she decides to try for a move away from him/her, slowly by slowly periodically. But the one thing that they don’t notice is about disrespecting the feelings that he/she never thought about, might have always thought about being in a normal friendship zone, but at the time, one cannot understand the breaking someone's trust, someone's feelings. Over the period of time, the situation takes a move where the one begins with the irritating problems, and from that stage of things the things get start to get ruined among them each other, and if these things are getting smashed day by day and if the person who still tell you that how you have just changed the behavior just let him know the real truth of yourself that did you had ever felt for them or not. Tell the truth>>>, if its feel that it’s not getting anymore good then I think you should think yourself about the solutions, have a discussion with your friends, discuss about the solutions, rather then discussing among yourself. Simplify the things, simplify the thoughts. That’s all.

-created & written by adhvaryuWONDER’S

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