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Title: Reasons Behind Stopping you.

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

People will stop you on the way between you, but you yourself have to take the decision that you have to stay here or keep moving forward.- adhvaryuWONDER'S

You might have been noticing in your life that you have been stopped by your family members, by your friends, or either by the people who never tried to do something in their life but they are always to tell about the fearness for starting something new and creative. And at that level of period you are stuck between your chosen path and the one which you have been listening from your family members and I think you might have choose the path which is directed by your family members, Because we humans go with a phsyicology of being emotional towards our goals, We always think of emotional bonding which we have with our family members and the one with whom we share our things, our Problems, Our depressions, and our Happiness too. Infact we should choose our decided path and should go with the one we have thought and I have recently added this quote in my life “ If we don’t ask parents for bad deeds, then why do we ask for good deeds?” And this is the saying of Prafull Billore (Founder Of MBA Chai wala). And I think We should follow these things for ourselves also. We have to be positive and Confident about our plans which we planned for our future, I also think we should execute our plans once in a lifetime so at least from that we can learn something, It can be either being Successful or either being Failed from our plans , Eventually we should learn something Valuable things only.

-Created and Writen by adhvaryuWONDER’S.

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