We have to find Love, rather than waiting for it - adhvaryuWONDER’S

So before thinking anything else Let me alert you by telling you that here I don't mean to say Finding love for the purpose of Relationships, but in fact, I am today here to explain the real facts about how human actual finds love and what do they expect from their family and friends about getting loved by them. As we have been watching the humans having breakdowns from their family and friends being feeling lonely or there might too many different reasons, there might be some Mental breakdowns too. But what we actually always see is that we expect Love from them by giving them love, and what is actually total wrong, If you always expect one or another thing from them it’s not possible to get every time what your expectations are, and waiting for such love is actually wrong somewhere, We have to find love for ourself. Finding Love is not about asking people to love you but in actuality, you have to build yourself in that sense that you Keep yourself comfortable where you feel comfortable, and then only then you will be able to find love for yourself.

Created & Written by adhvaryuWONDERS.

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