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We need to make the efforts more and expectations little.-adhvaryuWONDER’S

Human life and humans each day, are started with expectations and expecting a lot of things. It includes the expectations for all the material things that they have to pursue. But somewhere, To find the actual expected result we lack the effort that we could have better brought off. The one fundamental that I would secerly refer to you today is about the effort-expectation ratio. Where the name is itself self-explanatory, How much are your efforts and how much are your expectations Where the ratio right now is pretty disturbed, the effort that you’re putting in is around 10, which is pretty low, and the expectations that you have out of yourself is pretty high and it’s somewhere around 90 and that’s why I think we need to maintain this ratio a little, we need to make the effort more an expectations little So, the ratio instead of being 1:9 should be 9:1, The effort you input it should be 90% and your expectations should be 10%. Stop expecting too much out of yourself at such an early stage, because as the ratio shows that the more effort you show the more results you could get.

-created and written by adhvaryuWONDER’S

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