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Why does failure feel so wrong ? , and unfair? Discouraging?-source from,(WHY I fAILED?)

Isn’t the fear of failure a barrier that often holds us back from getting what we really want and becoming who we want to be?. whereas I personally think that Failure can feel worse than death Remember the ‘Why didn’t I just die?’ feeling? Certain failures can just kill us and many of them make us want to bite the dust. It is no wonder then that there is so much written and said about how one could ‘cope’ with failure. It is unappetizing, nauseating, and difficult to digest. It is also a cultural thing. History only applauds winners. If we look at the chronological framework of India’s history, it’s about winners. The battles, the endowment of religious institutions, dates if inscriptions are there because people who were the ‘winners’, The powerful, believed those records were important to preserve, The historical records tell us more about the kings, the powerful, the winners. Most often, the experience of recognizing failure can be life-altering, shocking, funny, pleasurable, cathartic, illuminating, and confusing. The realization process usually puts us at odds with ourselves, The realization process usually puts us at odds with ourselves. In the aftermath of failure, We Question Ourselves, Our abilities

[‘How could have I done that?’ ]

[‘What was I even thinking?’]

[‘Did I really do that?]

But, just for a moment, if you put the hurt, injury, and insults associated with failure aside — and evaluate your failure for what it is — the process can be far more defining than success.

-thoughts explained by Shweta Punj.

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