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You need to have the concept of getting tuned with the unknown things.-adhvaryuWONDER’S

Today's observations are writing this thought When I visited the ISKCON temple, I was continuously watching a person who was into tunning with the tune of Bhajans, and from that, I just got to learn that we can also accept this thing and can include into our life, it needs just an act of courage to start with this, For this, you have to be comfortable with the situation, react as per the time period, get fit into that and have a little experience for over the period just to let yourself know that is it really helping you out or not, But if we think about the concept of accepting and getting deeper with the unknown things then it should be first observed slowly and slowly that how it would be helping me towards in my life and is it going to be really helpful in my life or over some period of time, and if it doesn't feel you worth about it then I think you should not get into it and waste your time, try other things that could have suit you better and can be helpful to you. Tunings are the things that are coordinated very carefully while making a song or anything that needs tuning, In short, to Tune, your instrument is to ensure it plays at the correct pitch. There are two key reasons why tuning your instrument is important. Firstly, to ensure the instrument is in tune with itself, and secondly, to ensure it is in tune with others. just as following the two key reasons in your life you can also implement this, by ensuring yourself that are you stunned with yourself or not, in terms of feelings because everyone has a different feeling, some might be good with that and some might not, so first ensure about your tuning things. And then secondly is, if it’s been ensured with yourself then try to understand that does this tune fits with others or not, and that thing can be done as per your choices. And I think that's why “You need to have the concept of getting tuned with the unknown things”.

-created and written by adhvaryuWONDER’S

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